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Running and Pregnancy Series: Items To Get You Through Running While Pregnant

By on April 23, 2015

Running while pregnant can add to a sense of well-being for mom and baby.  Here are some of the items you might consider getting for running while pregnant:

1. A good pair of shoes: Pregnancy adds extra weight and hormones stretch out ligaments. This is definitely a great time to invest in a new running shoe, even perhaps one with good cushioning and support. While there are no studies showing the best shoe out there, pregnancy can often cause feet to grow a size or two larger. Beware.

2. Belly or maternity support: As you grow, it is likely you will feel ligaments stretch and this may be painful. Some type of belly support will help with this and make getting out on the roads or recovering from them a bit easier.

3. A large water bottle: Drinking water or electrolytes during and after a run is very important, but even more important if you are pregnant. Dehydration can be one cause of braxton hicks contractions and water is one way to prevent this.

4. A body pillow: Keeping good alignment while pregnant can help prevent some aches and pains and any pregnant person will benefit from a body pillow to help positioning at night. Sleep is one of the most overlooked recovery tools needed for pregnancy and running, in general.

5. Comfortable shirts and supportive clothes: Finding something stylish to cover your bump is no longer a problem and there are more options out there now a days as more companies get into the pregnancy fitness arena.

6. Compression socks: Swelling of the legs can be a pesky side effect of pregnancy and using compression socks may help with circulation. Overall they’ll help add to keeping your legs refreshed as well. (As always, check with your doctor if you have excessive swelling in the legs).

7. Ice pack/ heat pad: You may wind up with some aches and pains from the running and as long as it is minor, an ice pack or heating pad may do the trick to provide some needed relief.

What item could you not live without when you ran during pregnancy?

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