Barefoot Running

By on March 20, 2013

BAREFOOT RUNNING: 10 things about barefoot running:


1.  Barefoot running will strengthen intrinsic muscles of the foot.

2. Barefoot running may be slightly more efficient in some runners.

3.  Barefoot running decreases forces through the hips and knees (although this does not necessarily mean it leads to less injury).

4. The foot and muscles adapt in the air to barefoot running, before actual touchdown of the foot.

5. Barefoot runners tend to use a faster turnover and shorter steps.


1.Foot protection is a lot more difficult with barefoot running.

2.  Humans were not made to run on asphalt and concrete.

2.  Not everyone can do barefoot running; not everyone has the biomechanical efficiency to tolerate the stresses of barefoot running.

3.  You can learn to run barefoot style (midfoot landing first) with shoes on as well.

4.  Barefoot running will stress the plantar fascia and achilles tendon more.

5.  No studies have been completed to state that barefoot running specifically decreases injuries.

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