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My philosophy :

Education * Motivation *  Dedication * Inspiration

***(e-runners get a free basic “running form” analysis as I feel it is necessary to see you run to give you optimal coaching).


My coaching philosophy brings a love of running and a lot of education and knowledge to your running plate. I have the education and experience to help you become a better runner and teach you along the way!

  • B.S. Exercise and Sports Science
  • Minor in Coaching (20 credit hours +internship)
  • Minor in Nutrition (22 credit hours + graduate course wk in Sports Nutrition)
  • M.S. Physical Therapy (licensed in the state of CA) Experience with hands on injury treatment with marathon runners at Stanford University
  • Extensive in person coaching experience (high school, club level, and internship with experienced coaches)
  • +25 yrs. experience running including HS cross country, track and as a Division I track heptathlete, average mid pack road racer
  • Extensive education and experience in running form and running gait analysis
  • Specialize in the pregnant runner ( pre-natal/post-natal training from my personal training certification).


I love runners and running quotes. I love to motivate and share in the successes of other runners.  I will motivate you on days you don’t feel like running and help you stay confident with your choices, in the days when you can’t run.


I chose to educate myself in coaching back in college because I have always planned to give back what I learned. I’ve been running for +25 yrs. years including HS cross country, track and as a Division I track heptathlete, average mid pack road racer. My coaching in-person shows my dedication to the sport and enhances my e-coaching.


As an athlete and coach, I understand the needs of both the competitive and everyday athlete. I know what its like to run for the challenge of just being better than the day before. I started out at the back of the pack in high school cross country (walking at times) before I figured out I was just a middle of the pack distance runner. I also lead my team to a state track title and am a former state champion, so I know all about teamwork and accomplishing goals. I hope to inspire you and help you achieve your goals!


I will give you an in-depth sound and scientific explanation of why I am charting the workouts for you. In addition, I can offer advice and exercise programs to reduce your chances of injury or consult/refer you to another professional when needed. (I know my strengths and limitations and don’t pretend to know it all but have great connections).

I believe your running plan should be tailored to your own unique needs.

  • Unique benefits all offered HERE! : Unique training plan, Video gait analysis by a Physical Therapist, Personal Exercise Plan (I am a certified personal trainer), Basic nutrition analysis (I can offer this per State of CA-if you need a plan related to health issues, I will refer you. Pre-race sport performance enhancement (Husband has M.A. Sports Psychology).

I adjust your plan at least weekly (daily for pregnant runners) and am available daily as needed. We can meet over Skype, Facetime, or g-chat (for discussion on where you might have a developing injury, running form drills, demonstration for specific exercises and anything else that you might need).

I am able to coach via:

  • SKYPE: (total.running.performance)
  • FaceTime
  • Google docs
  • email
  • telephone
  • twitter

Check out my reasonable rates for the quality of coaching and education you will receive. Get started on training plan today and get to the finish line confidently.

Customized Running Plan:

To get started, review the waiver (email) and fill out the questionnaire below. You will receive an initial 30 minute consultation by phone/email/skype etc. and a customized training plan tailored to your needs and goals. A standard plan includes weekly adjustments (or more frequent if needed), as well as free consultations regarding injuries, form and training.

Send me an email if you have further questions. Thank you!


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