Run-Baby-Run Program


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***Run-Baby-Run™ Program:

What is it?

The Run-Baby-Run Program is a postpartum program designed to get the running athlete and any athlete that is returning to running in their sport, back to running safely.  It focuses specifically on the core and the areas of the body that are weak after pregnancy. It is based on current research and you will get free updates regularly, as the program is adjusted. Here is a detailed look at the phases.

What does it include?

***5 handouts for each phase designed to get you and your core back to running safely and strong again!

***a one-on-one in person or Skype/Facetime visit from me for each phase (5 visits total). You will work directly with me via Facetime or Skype to learn each exercise properly and be able to ask questions.

***Bonus Exercises included in each phase in the handouts. These are exercises that go beyond the basics in each phase.


Phase 1: Healing (and Holding):
This phase is all about letting your body heal and the transition to motherhood. You can perform most of these exercises from right after birth to a few days after birth.

Phase 2: Return to Movement: Get your core repaired and prepared for returning to walking and running.

Phase 3: Walk/Run Phase: Your core is connected and protected and you are up and moving. Specialized running muscles are the focus.

Phase 4: Return to Running: You are challenging your core again with moderate level movements.

Phase 5: Building and Racing: Returning to competitive training and running.




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