Running & Pregnancy

Running and Pregnancy

Pictogram of a running manWoman pregnancy month by month.

Articles (Running and Pregnancy Series):

Personal accounts of runners who have run through pregnancy and returned postpartum: (I do not professionally recommend all training methods used by these runners but they provide insightful accounts of how they handled running through pregnancy). If you wish to be added, please email me!:


Specialized coaching services for the Pregnant and Postpartum runner.

****Run-Baby-Run™ program! is here!

Coming soon!

***The first adjustable Postpartum running training plan: designed to help you return to running safely! Email me for more information.

***Restore the Floor (part 2 of Run-Baby-Run Program): A pelvic floor strengthening program for the postpartum and mother runner!

**”Running During Pregnancy- Running 4 Two ” book-(includes: The various types of pregnant runners, the five stages of returning to running after pregnancy, typical problems and risks of pregnant runners, how and when to modify workouts, and more!)

About: Andrea Henry is a Pediatric and Running physical therapist, personal trainer (pre-natal and post-natal instruction), coach and has been running for over 25 years competitively and recreationally. She has  coached mother runner running groups and worked with runners in rehabilitation, at Stanford University. She ran during pregnancy with her twins and singlet.


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