Running Video Analysis

IMG_1312How to Information on Running Video Analysis

How to record your video and send it in for an analysis.

Your video does not have to be as long as the example below but must include:

  • Front view of running
  • Side view of running
  • Back view of running
  • Lower leg and foot


  • Walking views x 3
  • Video of movement, flexibility and strength is optional but highly recommended if you are not able to get an assessment done in person.

To send video:

Any format is ok as I can change format. Options to upload and send include email, Dropbox, Box, Pogoplug, g-docs.

Example 1 : (Can do this on a treadmill or outside):

Example 2:

Basic muscle strength, movement and flexibility testing video (highly recommended to include if assessment not done in person):


Contact me for any questions or if you would like to have an analysis (

***Note: I do not subscribe to one philosophy or style of running. Each runner is unique and has different components affecting form. I will work with what you are using now and discuss with you, options on changing to other styles.

Thank you!



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